Northbrook Woman's Club Foundation Philanthropy

Philanthropy is a key focus for the NWCF. Our philanthropic mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community for those in need. Much of our annual efforts are devoted to raising money for students and service organization within our community. To date, we have raised and donated more than $1.4 Million for college scholarships and grants to local service organizations. Our members efforts, combined with our strong community and donor support lead to the funding of scholarships and grants that make a difference in people’s lives. 


Philanthropic Contributions through May 31, 2023

A Safe Place $7,600.00
Alliance for the Mentally Ill $1,000.00
American Field Service (AFS) $775.00
American Indian Center $1,123.00
Amigos $1,500.00
Angles (formerly Links-North Shore) $2,639.00
Apna Ghar - Domestic Abuse Center $500.00
Beards 4 Balls $463.00
Best Futures $500.00
Boy and Girl Camperships $2,350.00
Brain Research Foundation $1,024.00
Cancer Wellness Center  $21,553.00
Career Resource Center $6,105.00
Career Resource Network $1,100.00
Center for Enriched Living $15,603.00
Center on Deafness $4,550.00
Children's Advocacy Center  $15,926.00
Children's Oncology Center $500.00
Christ the King Lizzy House $1,353.00
Christopher House $980.00
CJE Senior Center $426.00
Community Action Together for Children’s Health (CATCH) $4,750.00
Connections for the Homeless $12,950.00
Cook County Hospital Auxiliary $2,605.00
CURE 365 $4,426.00
El Ha gar del Nino Neighborhood House $800.00
Elyssa's Mission $15,253.00
Erika's Lighthouse $12,353.00
Evanston and Glenbrook Hospital Auxiliary $2,500.00
Evanston, Northfield Township Family Shelter Program $4,800.00
Family Promise North Shore $3,389.00
Family Service Center  $30,053.00
Fred Outa Foundation $500.00
Friends & Company of Glenbrook North High School $4,075.00
Gateway House .Foundation $695.00
Glenbrook Hospital $1,000.00
Glenbrook North Grad Night $9,226.00
Glenbrook North High School Athletics $750.00
Glenbrook North High School Foundation $2,326.00
Glenkirk Foundation $9,895.00
Glenview-Northbrook Coalition for Youth $400.00
Great Lakes Hospital Occupational Therapy $834.00
Great Potentials, lnc $1,500.00
Haven $600.00
Heartland Animal Shelter $4,853.00
Hunger Resource Network $13,426.00
Imerman Angels $750.00
Interfaith Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs $1,950.00
JoumeyCare  $16,450.00
Journey's: The Road Home $1,000.00
KARING - Katrina Relief in Northbrook and Glenview $1,200.00
Kohl Children's Museum $500.00
Leap Into Hope $250.00
Leukemia Research Foundation $639.00
Lilac Tree $2,853.00
lrene Josselyn Center for Mental Health $18,328.00
Lubavitch Chabad of Northbrook $1,200.00
Meals at Home $250.00
Moraine Girl Scout Council $1,455.00
National Alliance on Mental Illness NAMI $3,150.00
National Council of Jewish Women in Chicago $1,000.00
Nat'l Assn of Anorexia Nervosa & Assoc. Disorders (ANAD) $7,000.00
New Foundation Center (formerly Willpower, Inc.) $13,226.00
North Shore Academy of NSSED $3,500.00
North Shore Senior Center  $40,276.00
North Shore Youth Health Service (LTNKS) $15,850.00
North Suburban Legal Aid $2,000.00
North Suburban YMCA $41,085.00
Northbrook Citizens for Drug and Alcohol Awareness $21,428.00
Northbrook Community Garden $500.00
Northbrook Community Network $650.00
Northbrook Community Nursery School $500.00
Northbrook Farmer' s Market $1,600.00
Northbrook Historical Society $5,325.00
Northbrook Park District $2,672.00
Northbrook Public Library $5,382.00
Northbrook Symphony Orchestra $6,382.00
Northbrook Volunteer Pool $1,605.00
Northern Suburban Special Recreation Foundation (formerly NSSRA) $16,148.00
Northfield Township Day Care $250.00
Northfield Township Food Pantry $21,849.00
Orphans of the Storm $500.00
Our Place of New Trier Township $2,695.00
PADS $1,213.00
Parent lnfant Education of NSSED (PIE) $4,150.00
Parents & Adolescents Recovering Together Successfully (PARTS - NSYMCA) $1,000.00
Peer Solutions $600.00
PERK $2,432.00
Postpartum Depression/Psychosis Alliance $400.00
Project Linus $750.00
Public Educational Television Channel II $787.00
Rebuilding Together North Suburban Chicago $1,000.00
Special Gifts Theatre $18,103.00
Step by Step - Circle of Friends $250.00
Teen Heart Fund - Jennifer Lynch Schneider $1,000.00
TELE-HELP Information and Referral Service $500.00
The Harbour $2,000.00
The Stuart/ Raskas Friendship Circle of IL $1,500.00
TotalLink2 Community $11,550.00
Tri-Con Child Care Center $10,519.00
Uptown Habitat for Humanity $300.00
Village Treasure House $2,500.00
Willow House $1,750.00
WINGS $2,600.00
Young Life North Shore $1,853.00
Youth Services of Glenview/Northbrook $38,305.00
YWCA Evanston/North Shore $34,700.00
Zacharias $4,900.00
Other $11,300.00
Total Grants $648,889.00
Northbrook Student Scholarships $793,814.00
Total Philanthropic Contributions $1,442,703.00